Jörnträhus – a reliable partner in your building plans!

Jörnträhus prides itself on its customer focused approach and will help you every step of the way when it comes to planning your house or construction project. We can if required supply everything you need from design through to applinaces, heating, ventialtion and bathroom equipment the choice is yours.

As we have said before, this makes Jorntrahus one of the most flexible house manufacturers in the industry and we offer a full CAD (computer aided drawing ) service if required.

Our log home kits are delivered direct to your site where you can either decide to handle the building project yourself or instruct a builder to erect the building for you. Many of you will have seen our smaller cabins, bungalows and lodges throughout the UK and you may have seen us at the Ideal Home Show in March 2011 where our Trend Panel House was a show home. As energy prices rise higher, more people are choosing Jorntrahus houses as their favourite designs.

Jörnträhus – timber quality houses that are recognized

Jörnträhus  are a well known company with a lot of experience in wood, wood processing and timber. It has a long history being founded in the 1930’s as Jörnträ and has worked with wood and wood processing ever since.

Since the 1960’s it has produced and built high quality timber homes. Although timber houses are nothing new to many countries in Europe, Canada and the United States of America in the UK they are beginning to rise in popularity due to their high energy efficiency and high quality of build.

Jörnträhus homes can be found in numerous paces in Sweden and in countries such as Spain, England, Denmark, Korea, Norway and others.

As more people realise the benefits of buying these low cost high quality homes today, knowing the resale value of them in years to come the more self-building will become even more popular and with Jorntrahus in particular being featured at the Ideal Home Show in London in 2011 they are fast becoming the number one choice in the UK.

Quality is based on good raw materials!

We work with the highest quality materials and that guarantees the quality of our products will stand the test of time. The Jorntrahus products are genuinely from the far North of Sweden and are totally authentic to the Swedish way of building energy efficient houses.

The wood is grown is dense sustainable forests in the far North of Sweden, just South of the Artic Circle and these homes reach Code 5 and Code on the sustainability coding for houses partly due to the unique way in which the timber is sourced and sustained. Jörnträ even use the sawdust to power the factory and the manufacturing process.

If you would like to know any details about us, our company or the way in which our houses are manufactured, please feel free to contact us.