Bergsholmen XL

A timbered XL house

A representative accommodation when the outside also counts.

This is a cross dovetailed house with aplomb, with a large welcoming hallway, four bedrooms, several living rooms and a dining room. The model is for those who appreciate open spaces and the ability to accommodate more than just the immediate family for dining and socializing. The gable design with its windows from floor-to-ceiling adds to the magnificent expression in the common rooms and not least the exterior definitely puts the the model on the map.

Based on the classic Västerbotten houses, Bergsholmen continues the legacy to modern timbered houses. Bergsholmen offers a representative living even when the outside in the highest degree counts. With its modern design and generous living space the model definitely catches the eye.

Byggyta: 180 m²

Boyta: 307 m²

Husstandard: Premium


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