Talltoppen L

House with incredible space and generous headroom

Timber from the forests of northern Sweden.

The living room combined with kitchen and dining area gives you together with its glass section and its generous ceiling height an incredible capacity. From the loft, you also get an overview of the living room and a view out over the patio. With double WC / bathroom, this house is prepared even for the larger family needs.

One of our most classic models that are often associated with mountain environment and tough winter climate. With an extended roof over the gable window section it provides a sheltered outdoor environment in both summer and winter, and the same goes for the classic front porch. With a generous loft it is possible to create either a stunning living room or beds to the larger family.

Byggyta: 140 m²

Boyta: 139 m²

Golvyta loft: 41 m²

Husstandard: Premium


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