Additional ceiling height at Lärkliden

Now it is possible to “customise” your future timberhouse Lärkliden by adding another 50 centimeters of ceiling height which giving full 3 meter interior height. Along with a 45 ° angle on the body and panorama windows fully integrated with dormer windows this house getting something extraordinarily.

Passively aired timber frames

We are upgrading our timber house concept and its construction. As a direct result of the increasing energy demands and an increased amount of insulation we have for this year’s models introduced a passively aired construction, this is to ensure that no condensation or moisture will be found in the walls. The design is, of […]

Strycksele 130

Our already successful model of Strycksele 110 that belong to our prefabricated elementhouse now getting a bigger version. The new model include four bedrooms double wc and a big kitchen area. To get more additional information our updated delivery description can be found at the model site.

Updated and upgraded

Much has been updated within Jörnträhus recently, our new house models and new solutions attracts more and more customers. We always try to develop our product and service, by look into details and new influences we keep ourself and our ranges updated. – Perhaps it is our Nordic location that made us decide to add 3-layer-glass […]