Flexible solutions

It is you who will determine the final design of your particular house.

Jörnträhus broad model range covers most requirements when it comes to holiday homes. Being able to offer a universal model that fits all tastes, however, is very difficult.

We present a large number of holiday homes in our model program, all with their specific floor plan. This in an attempt to accommodate the vast majority of tastes and needs, after all, there are homeowners who need to make some changes based on the original, in order to successfully create their dream house.

With our help, our standard houses can be adjusted and altered both inside and outside, of course, within the framework of what is technically possible construction wise.

Flexibility is something that Jörnträhus has always offered and focused on, which has enabled us to deliver tailored solutions to all homeowners who wants to create a more personal accommodation.

Here you will find a number of examples of how to change the layout based on one of our standard houses without affecting the building surface or the structure of the body of the house. Door and window placement is a lesser change, which of course has to be adjusted based on these examples. This type of change can be done, in close cooperation with us at Jörnträhus, on all of our house models.


This example is based on the Åliden house model. Below you can see a picture of the outside, but also the floor plan that we usually start with.


Here the focus has been on a large common area and a spacious bathroom. Two bedrooms with room for a total of three people is available.


With only one bedroom, space is created for a generous entrance hall and a large living room. Requests for a more spacious equipment room and space for a sauna are also catered for.


Sleeping place for five people and two toilets have been the basis of this alternative floor plan. Despite an extended number of bedrooms, a spacious living room and dining room is retained.


This is our standard floor plan for the Åliden model. With three bedrooms and an outdoor storage room, the floor plan provides valuable spaces that are always appreciated.