Selsbo 135 semi-detached house

Semi-detached house with light and space

A semi-detached house which really provides spaces and value far beyond the ordinary.

Optimized layout where each square meter fulfills its function, double bedrooms and a loft, which can accommodate even the larger family or visiting guests.

Generous windows placement and pitched ceiling lift model in terms of light and space, this is a semi-detached house which really gives space and value far beyond the ordinary.

Construction area: 135 m²

Living area: 50 m² + loft 14 m² / apt

Floor area loft: 40 m² / apt

House standard: Jörnträhus standard

Standard blueprint

Delivery specifications

Flexible solutions

Plan 1

Floor plan for the first floor.

Plan 2

Floor plan for the second floor/loft.


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