Can you build a large holiday home yourself?

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Can you build a large holiday home yourself?

Yes, according to the self-builders Roland and Barbro Nystedt, this works just fine as long as you have the knowledge, interest and, not least, time allocated for this.

However, with close to 400 kilometers between the home outside Umeå and the holiday home in Joeström near Tärnaby/Hemavan, it is important to plan their work.

– The fact that the choice fell on Strycksele XL was most likely due to the fact that it fulfilled most of our wishes regarding planning and design for a mountain house. Large window areas that spread light mainly in the kitchen and the family room, together with the height of the ceiling, are what characterize the model most, Barbro explains.

– With the mountain world panorama outside the window you are satisfied in the front row, Barbro continues.

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– We got help with the foundation and the assembly of the house building kit, but otherwise we, together with local contractors, build this house, says Roland.

– It definitely helps to be able to understand the basics and understand the various elements, but you can solve most things yourself, not least painting and wallpaper, Roland points out. AIn terms of design and construction we got a lot of information from Jörnträhus before we started, so we probably had an easier journey than many other self-builders, this together with my own interest in house construction which probably also helped.

– The house construction kit arrived in July and we expect to be able to “move in” during Easter if everything goes according to plan, says Barbro.

– The feeling of being involved already from the planning stage until you assemble the last detail is a journey in itself that more people should try, in any case it increases the feeling that it is our house and no one else’s, Roland concludes.

Fantastic view

The characteristic window section can be found on all Strycksele models.