From the Alps to holiday homes in Bruksvallarna

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Customer Story Strycksele XL Loft

– The fact that it was in Bruksvallarna that we chose to build our holiday home was definitely not planned, we had no thoughts on a holiday home at all, says Christian and Therése Lindblad.

– When our acquaintances asked us to come and ski in Funäsfjällen, it felt far from the skiing in the Alps we usually enjoyed ourselves, but we tried and we immediately fell for the area and its opportunities, Christian continues.

It is not just skiing on the slopes that attracts, winter time hiking or snowmobiling is replaced in the summer by both hiking or mountain biking excursions, in other words a good place for those who want an active outdoor life.


Christian and Therése Lindblad received tips on a vacant plot in Bruksvallarna, visited the site and the deal was finalized within a week.

– It went quickly after we saw the plot and its fantastic location, absolutely no decision to ponder long over, Therése explains.

Which house was to be erected, however, there was no idea, the first idea was an Attefallshus to be able to get started quickly after one could “feel” what needs one had and not least save up for a larger main building.

The idea was rejected when you suddenly realize that this will delay the main building by a number of years – so they started looking around for suitable house models.


The fact that the choice fell on Jörnträhus is very much due to the fact that we were attracted by the appearance and the opportunity to influence the planning of the house.

– The fact that we also got an extremely professional and committed response from Jörnträhus representative Owe Korsgren made the choice easy, says Christian.

Strycksele was the model that caught our interest immediately.

– Strycksele was the model that caught our interest immediately, we then wandered from the smaller to the larger model and finally got stuck for the biggest variant with loft, probably because the possibility of a number of extra sleeping places and two showers were available that could be offered to family and friends, Christian continues.

– We wanted a really classic mountain cabin, so we chose to provide our house with carved timber panel and solid knots, you can not see that this is basically a block-built house however, explains the couple Lindblad.

To enhance the genuine feeling, the carved timber panel was also selected for the interior of the house, which proved to be a hit.


– We have done much of the interior work ourselves, for example painting and glazing the coarse timber panel is something that has taken time but which we today think we are very good at, says Therése.

The house is shining white and inviting where it stands in the hillside – but the color will soon change. The building kits from the factory are delivered painted white but already this spring the house will change to black facade with white lining and associated details, in other words, the painting work is not completely finished for the Lindblad family.

Jörnträhus supplies complete building kits that also include kitchens and appliances. With a number of hand-picked subcontractors, an end product is guaranteed where the high quality level promised by the concept is also fulfilled.

Strycksele XL med Loft – fritidshus, hus, villor – flexibla byggsatser från Jörnträhus

House Model Strycksele XL Loft

The Lindblad family based their house on this house model when they tailored their holiday home.