Their adaptations created a new house model

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Customer story Björkdal L

For Joacim and Maria, the choice of timber or block house was of no greater significance when they began to look around for a holiday home. On the other hand, they knew which house model they wanted to build on their fantastic plot at the coast, a Fura L, which is a knot-timbered holiday home.

– The model had virtually everything we wanted, especially the loft where our two daughters could get one bedroom each and we also saw room for a small living room with the absolute best view imaginable, says Maria.

But then came the ideas of a more light in the living room and another maximized glass window in the gable which suddenly put a spoke in the wheel.

A knot-timbered house has some limitations in terms of design, if you “pick away” too much of the load-bearing walls and replace them with very large glass sections, problems can arise.

Usually there are solutions and so also in this case.


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A much more modern expression

The house was redesigned to be adapted to a large block construction which solved the problem with the large window sections.

– We also got the floor plan we wanted for the attic, which the daughters were the driving force behind because it was their part of the house, says Joacim.

With an option on the exterior facade of 300mm wide glulam panels and a trendier roof from Plannja, the house got a much more modern expression than the regular log house which suited the family perfectly.

Great location

The house construction is now in the final phase where the interior is to be completed but already you can feel the personality of the house which of course reflects Joacim and Maria’s desire for a personally designed house.

It really feels like our own house, Maria concludes, the visitors we have had so far during the construction period also think that we have made some smart adjustments that really lifts the house model as a whole.

The fact that the house, by the name of Björkdal, also was made as a standard model at Jörnträhus is a really good rating.

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House model Björkdal

Joacim’s and Maria’s adaptations created this house model.