Family Öberg’s mountain diamond

Customer story Talltoppen

The Öberg family lives on the coast but spend every other weekend in Tänndalen where their newly built Talltoppen holiday home is located.

Summertime there will be a lot of mountain biking and kayaking while the fall offers good opportunities for bird hunting, most often together with the dog Taco.

– In the winter the whole family both ski cross country, downhill and we gladly go hiking, Bjarne says.

– We have always spent a lot of time in the mountains and realized at one point that it was time to create our own holiday home where both porcelain and bedding were the same ones for each visit. Not at least our two daughters value this, Linda says.

New and fresh

After some attempts trying to find a suitable existing house for sale, they dismissed that project because they found it difficult to find exactly what one wants. Instead, they decided to build a brand new and fresh holiday home from scratch.

– The fact that it became Jörnträhus was absolutely not obvious from the beginning, we had two or three similar options to consider but because of the ability to adjust and influence housing design and “gut feeling” decided in favor to Jörnträhus.

– The feeling of staying in a real log house is hard to beat, just knowing that there are massive pinewood logs supporting the entire structure is a bit special, and naturally contributes to the authentic experience you get, especially in this environment.

Multiple requests

Talltoppen is modified according to the multiple requests they had, for example, it is slightly elevated and they have a spacious hallway which is perfect because both outerwear and ski equipment require a lot of storage space.

The opportunity to get draft ideas and variations presented quickly from Jörnträhus is probably what they have valued most during the process.

– If you are in the mindset and come up with new ideas, it is reassuring to know that they are taken care of immediately, Bjarne says.

– It is mostly local entrepreneurs who built and completed the vacation home but we have done painting work and wallpapers ourselves, which has been both fun and saved some costs, Linda says.

Comes comlpete

As the house building kit is delivered complete, the building material has been in place at the construction site, which has made it easy for the builders to quickly complete the house.

– We spend a lot more time in the mountains now after we have acquired our own and personal holiday home, mostly during the autumn and winter months. In the summer it is still on the coast we stay mostly, this is probably more mosquito related than housing-related, Bjarne concludes.

Customized holiday home

The Öberg family started from the house model Talltoppen when they tailored their house.