Icelandic camping choose Jörnträhus

Strycksele parhus 200HD utan skiljevägg ver2

Recently a Strycksele semi-detached house in a large block with a building area of 230 m² has been delivered to Iceland. The buyer is Ingibjörg Sigurðardóttir who, together with his colleague Audur Fridgerdur Halldórsdótti, runs a campsite with associated café activities.

The fact that Ingibjörg’s choose Jörnträhus is mostly due to the fact that she already bought a timbered Jörnträhus in 2001 and has always been incredibly satisfied with it. The new semi-detached house will be used as a permanent residence.

The advantage of block houses is the quick installation time which appeals to the buyers as the seasons can be moody in the open landscape on which the house is placed. There has been close cooperation between Jörnträhus’s constructors, the buyer’s contractor and quality manager, to ensurewind loads and anchors on this standard house.

The building kit is shipped in containers by sea, which also imposes additional demands other than normal, but all have been resolved very easily, and the kit is on the way to Iceland.

Jörnträhus has already received further interesting requests for house building kits to the nearby area, which feels very positive.

As rings in the lava, Jörnträhus’s name is spread over Iceland!