Personal holiday houses – Our speciality

The personal touch on your holiday home is not bought from a factory, it is [...]

Jörnträhus builds apartments

Wood construction plays an increasingly important role in the Swedish housing market. A good example [...]

Hemavan Ski Lodge

Since 2016, Jörnträhus has delivered house modules to the Hemavan Ski Lodge project, which is [...]

Flexible solutions

It is you who will determine the final design of your particular house. Jörnträhus broad [...]

Apartment house for leisure time.

Holiday homes for more than one family makes a perfect alternative to the usual mountain [...]

Nicolina and Pers construction journey

It's for the family and the future we build, so it's important that everyone is [...]

Passively aired timber frames

The concept of passively aired timber frames has been well received during the year of [...]

Family Öberg’s mountain diamond

The Öberg family lives on the coast but spend every other weekend in Tänndalen where [...]


With increasing houses and holiday homes it is now possible to supplement and upgrade the [...]