We offer a quick on time delivery for vacation house and villas

Providing a short delivery time and a high level of service are some of the [...]

Attefall Deluxe, loft included

Attefall Deluxe, news with a loft where we maximize the interior space, especially the headroom. [...]

Additional ceiling height at Lärkliden

Now it is possible to “customise” your future timberhouse Lärkliden by adding another 50 centimeters [...]

Explore the North and Strycksele

– It started when we were looking for a house model that would satisfy all [...]

Passively aired timber frames

We are upgrading our timber house concept and its construction. As a direct result of [...]

Shared happiness is double happiness!

Our new model of semi-detached house is based on Strycksele prefabricated element house, is now [...]

More Daylight into Fura solid Wood loghouse

Fura is still one of the leading model when it comes to cross-jointed log house. [...]

Strycksele 130

Our already successful model of Strycksele 110 that belong to our prefabricated elementhouse now getting [...]

New website

Just in time for the Christmas holidays our new and updated website is in place. [...]