Apartment house for leisure time.

Holiday homes for more than one family makes a perfect alternative to the usual mountain cabin. With a total of four apartments, Högheden offers a classic mountain residence where the equipment level is directly adapted to the most requested wishes regarding both the feel and layout. Jörnträhus have long experience of this type of house […]

Passively aired timber frames

Timmervägg konstruktion timmerhus byggsats Jörnträhus - luftflöde - 2019

The concept of passively aired timber frames has been well received during the year of introduction and has contributed to a quality increase of our timbered holiday homes. The venting air gap between the timber frame and the insulation eliminates any potential for condensation or other external attacks which, for example, an increased amount of […]


With increasing houses and holiday homes it is now possible to supplement and upgrade the already existing massive corner joints of our timber houses with something extra. Whether for the new or previously built Jörnträhus, this solution is available if you want a more solid expression. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious and fits anyone who […]