Nicolina and Pers construction journey

Customer report Bergsholmen

It’s for the family and the future we build, so it’s important that everyone is involved.

To create their very own house based on their own ideas is many people’s dream. For Nicolina and Per Boström, it turned out to be much more than that.

– We looked at existing houses earlier but found nothing that we fell for and almost gave up. But when we got the opportunity to buy a plot beautifully situated by the Skellefteå River estuary, the idea of a dream home seriously started to form, says the couple.

Modern Västerbottensgård

The fact that they choose Jörnträhus and also a house in timber is very much due to the fact that the model Bergsholmen was almost the house they were looking for, basically a classic Västerbottensgård but with a modern expression.

– A Västerbottensgård is in many ways timeless and hopefully this house can be inherited for several generations, says Per.

– It’s for the family and the future we build, so it’s important that everyone is involved.

– We already had a clear picture of how we wanted the layout to be and presented these ideas to Jörnträhus at an early stage to make sure they were feasible.

– That fact that the suggestions meant that the original model was stretched in different directions to meet our wishes was an interesting process to get to know.

Our own unique house

Despite all the adjustments, the feeling of the original Bergsholmen remained intact and got the house designed just as they wished and hoped for.

– What makes it extra special for us, as well as a confirmation that we have created more than our own unique house, is the fact that “our house” is now also taking place in Jörnträhus’s new house model program for 2018.

– The fact that our house may be the basis of other family’s dream houses is nothing but a nice bonus, says Nicolina.

Moving in at spring

The construction of Bergsholmen will be started in late 2017 and occupation will take place in spring 2018.

Please follow the family Boström’s immersive construction journey on http://www.instagram.com/bostromsjorntrahus

The Bergsholmen  house model

The Boström family started with this house model when they tailored their house.